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Hi Everyone! Carol Barth here, I am the designer at Clementine Surfwear in Los Angeles, California. I love holiday garlands, they just make me smile and now you can shop my new line of 2017 Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Party Bunting Garlands that I designed on Zazzle.

There is a sweet, simple Halloween decoration party bunting that, says TRICK OR TREAT it's not scary or anything at all like that, it's the perfect child friendly Halloween party garland.

Halloween Party Bunting Trick or Treat

And the Thanksgiving Dinner, Party Bunting design in the collection that says, YA! PUMPKIN PIE has got to be my favorite. Because...PIE. Seriously, I could eat pie every day, not a lot, just a little. I don't think I have ever met a tiny slice of pie that I didn't like :). And it really is a tie, for which party bunting I like better, my other favorite Thanksgiving Decoration Party Bunting that I designed says, HAPPY TURKEY DAY and it just makes me smile because we half yell this laughing! In my house (my tiny apartment) all the time every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, we are so weird. I just love this party bunting garland, because Thanksgiving Day really is all about TURKEY and PIE :).

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Bunting Happy Turkey Day

Oh, my gosh and Christmas...Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, ever. I like my Christmas decorations to make me laugh. And I designed a 2017 Christmas party bunting that says, YA! CHRISTMAS .2017 Christmas Dinner Decor Garland Ya Christmas

And I really like bright red and green color festive Christmas decorations so I made a Christmas decoration party bunting that says MERRY CHRISTMAS and I just want to hang up in every room the minute Thanksgiving is over :).

Christmas Party Bunting Merry Christmas

I shop both online and in stores and I am so curious, has this happened to you? Every year while I am shopping for Christmas office party decorations or shopping for Christmas dinner decor I am always looking for a simple Christmas party bunting that says, Jingle Bells and I can never find one. So I made one :) and you can now shop it here on Zazzle. If you ever get the chance you have got to listen to Christmas songs in your car in California. Listening to Jingle Bells in Los Angeles. In your car. While zipping around all the freeways at rush hour. And it is 90 degrees outside during Christmas, some how it just works. You just have to sing along. In all honesty, you are stuck in so much traffic in LA it makes the time go by faster if you just sing Christmas songs super loud. Or, at least this is what I do :). 

Christmas Party Bunting Jingle Bells Zazzle

Oh! And if you have weekly football party get-togethers at your house to watch the game. Where everybody just jumps on the couch and eats greasy pizza and drinks beer and eats lots of cheezie snacks. I even have a party bunting in the holiday collection for football season too! It says, YA! FOOTBALL Because football season is the perfect excuse to get all your friends together, people cheering and yelling at the tv :) like they are bananas, what could be better? Everybody loves it when they get a text invite for a last minute football party. I just grab balloons on my way home from work, order in pizza for the buffet, everybody brings beer and snacks and now you can use my party bunting decoration too! It just makes everything so easy. It's cheap, easy, and fun :) which is my motto when it comes to holiday decorations :). Shop the whole collection of 2017 Thanksgiving and Christmas Party Bunting Garlands that I designed on Zazzle.

---Carol Barth, Designer, Clementine Surfwear, Los Angeles, California.

Football Party Bunting Ya Football


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