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Shop Bandana Scrunchies this 2018 Holiday Season

orange scrunchie stocking stuffer gift

If you are looking for Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gifts that are $20.00 and under. We have you covered. You can now shop our new scrunchie and headband collection for the holidays! You can also shop the collection on our Etsy Shop. And add it to your Amazon cart and shop Clementine Surfwear on Amazon Handmade, too. 

pink scrunchie christmas gift

I like designing and making little gifts that are both heartfelt and affordable. It's nice to be able to give a stocking stuffer gift that makes someone smile.

red bandana scrunchie christmas gift

If you like 90's hair accessories as much as we do, you are going to like picking out scrunchies for your friends to give as gifts this holiday season. Let us know what your favorite scrunchie and headband is. Seriously, it was too hard for us to choose, once we started making scrunchies in red bandana fabric, we wanted all the colors. Which is a good thing :). Because now we make them in a bunch of different colors (I love the pink and orange). A yellow scrunchie is a must too, it just reminds me so much of Beyoncé, that Beyoncé yellow from Lemonade. Honestly, the best part of making scrunchies in so many colors is you can wear one every day! And they make the best stocking stuffer gifts evvaaa. So, if you are looking for sweet gifts from $10.00 USD to $20.00USD this holiday season, head on over to our scrunchie and headband collection and stock up. Always know, we are here sewing, making all of your holiday gift giving dreams come true for everyone on your list :).

yellow scrunchie christmas gift for her

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