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Shop Best 2017 Christmas Gift Kitchen Towel for the Paleo Cook

kitchen towel paleo cook christmas hostess gift

Hi Everyone! Carol Barth here, I'm the designer at Clementine Surfwear in Los Angeles. Gosh, can you believe it? The holidays are right around the corner. And the good news is we have you covered when it comes to party gifts. Our kitchen towels are such a sweet hostess gift. New kitchen towels are such a great gift to give and receive and ours make kitchen clean up and meal prep so much easier. I have so many friends on the paleo diet, that last year I decided to make a gift kitchen towel for them. And they love it. It's the perfect kitchen towel to use for cooking dinner every night or for those times when you are cooking a long list of recipes you've planned in advance and you have every burner on the stove going.

Kitchen Towel, Kiss the cook. Drink beer.

In my opinion there is nothing better than having a huge stack of flour sack 100% cotton, kitchen towels like ours handy that you can use for cooking big meals and wiping up kitchen spills as you cook all day long, that way the kitchen doesn't become this huge mess. It's not easy finding large kitchen towels, which is another reason why I designed my line of kitchen towels. I personally like really big kitchen towels (omg, you should see my kitchen when I cook, it can go from clean to disaster so fast, like making just a salad fast :). I like to clean the counters and cutting boards in between chopping vegetables, it seems to calm me down while I cook if I try to keep the kitchen half-way clean and I think that's why I decided on a really size kitchen towel, would be so great to use in the kitchen. And I how this 30 x 30 inch size kitchen towel turned out when I was designing our kitchen towels. This size combined with this fabric makes a really nice large kitchen towel. I also like how our kitchen towel doubles as a pot holder too, which is such an added bonus when you are working in the kitchen with a lot of pots on the stove and cookie sheets and the main course in the oven. I just fold the kitchen towel over and use it to pick up hot lids on pots on the stove, or I fold the kitchen towel and use it as a wrap around pot holder to take small bakeware dishes out of the oven, always careful not to burn myself. This kitchen towel fabric has a nice weight to it so it doubles over nicely to use it as a pot holder. Sometimes pot holders can feel too bulky to me, that's why I like to use a kitchen towel and fold it over instead.

As a designer, it is incredibly rewarding, when cooks every where tell you how much they like your kitchen towels that you designed and they tell you how they like using them in the kitchen every day. It's these little things like this, these sweet comments and feedback from customers that make me happy. Two things that I think of always while I am designing are: How can I make a product that make your day easier? And it has to have a California feel good vibe to it, because that's the way I like to design.

My gift kitchen towels are a wonderful, economical, practical gift for friends, family and co-workers. Shop large kitchen towel, hands screen printed with the words, Kiss the paleo cook. Drink wine. Kiss the paleo cook. here on our Clementine Surfwear website. Or your can Shop our Gift Kitchen Towels on our Clementine Surfwear Etsy Store too See all the screen printed designs available to choose from like, Kiss the cook. Drink wine. Kiss the cook. And probably my favorite  :) Kiss the cook. Drink beer. Kiss the cook.

--Carol Barth, Designer at Clementine Surfwear, Los Angeles, California.

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