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Shop Our New 2017 Thanksgiving and Christmas Party Bunting Garlands on Zazzle

Hi Everyone! Carol Barth here, I am the designer at Clementine Surfwear in Los Angeles, California. I love holiday garlands, they just make me smile and now you can shop my new line of 2017 Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Party Bunting Garlands that I designed on Zazzle. There is a sweet, simple Halloween decoration party bunting that, says TRICK OR TREAT it's not scary or anything at all like that, it's the perfect child friendly Halloween party garland. And the Thanksgiving Dinner, Party Bunting design in the collection that says, YA! PUMPKIN PIE has got to be my favorite. Because...PIE. Seriously, I could eat pie every day, not a lot, just a little. I don't think I have ever met a tiny slice...

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